Get your English content professionally translated into French!

Do you need your content translated into French? Instead of falling back on translation software – which almost always fail at translating the tone of your message and will never fully grasp the complexities of the French language, resulting in avoidable mistakes and miscommunication – contact me for a quote. I will translate your English content into French and localise the copy for your target readership to ensure the quality and impact of your original text is maintained.

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What can I offer you?

  • TRANSLATION of texts from English to French.
  • REVISION & EDITING of translated documents.
  • PROOFREADING of texts in French or translated from English.
  • LOCALISATION of texts for a French-Canadian audience.

Areas of expertise:

  • eCommerce
  • Nutrition & Health Supplements
  • Automotive
  • Mental Health & Psychology

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The things you need to know about me…

I’m French-speaker native from Québec who now lives in the UK with a lifelong passion for words and languages; after a obtaining a college degree in Arts & Languages, I headed for university where I studied translation and copywriting.

I work in the English > French language pair and specialise in translating and localising content for a French-Canadian readership. I have over seven years of experience translating a wide range of texts, from sales copy to blog articles.