Why should I hire a human translator?

In recent years, Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools have got more refined and their accuracy has greatly improved. But does this mean human translators are not needed anymore?

Not at all.

Although everyday translation tools such as Google Translate can sometimes be helpful, they cannot replace the knowledge and experience of a professional translator.

Here’s why you should consider hiring a human translator:

To avoid getting lost in translation.

Translations can’t be done word for word because most words have more than one meaning – without context, it’s easy to get lost in translation. Unlike CAT tools, human translators can use their better judgement to analyse the context and translate accordingly.

Because culture plays an essential role in the understanding of a text.

In an increasingly globalised market, it’s important to create content that will be equally appealing to customers around the world – localisation can’t be overlooked. Human translators can help you share your message with new audiences using a dynamic, engaging and culturally appropriate language.

It could save you money in the long run.

Imagine the costs of retracting a campaign, reprinting erroneous material or – worse – losing a client because of a potentially avoidable misunderstanding… Although hiring a human translator may seem expensive at first, it could save you money (and spare you some troubles) down the line.


Undoubtedly, CAT tools can be useful – when travelling, to get a quick translation for a short text, or even in aiding human translators – but they cannot compete with an experienced professional. A human will be reading your content, why let a machine translate it?

Frédérique Lemieux – English to French Translator – Canadian French, Québec French, Canadian English, British English


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